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Amy with her goddaughterThis story is everyone’s worst nightmare: going to the doctor and learning that you have a life-threatening illness; learning you have CANCER. Thanks to the Center for Colon Cancer’s (CCCR) screening program, Amy’s story has a happy ending! 

Without health insurance, and almost 19 years without visiting a physician, Amy went to a local free health clinic to have a hemorrhoid checked. During that visit, because she was overdue for colon cancer screening, her doctor recommended her for a screening colonoscopy and referred her to the CCCR colon cancer screening program.

Amy had no idea what to expect from a colonoscopy and neither did her family and friends. She was hesitant and nervous at first. Her  CCCR patient navigator, Judy Klauber, provided her with support every step of the way.  She explained the procedure, how to prepare for it, reviewed the special diet, and made reminder calls.  Throughout the process, Judy was available to answer questions, and alleviate any fears Amy had.  Judy’s support enabled Amy to understand the procedure, feel calm, and prepared. Through the support of the CCCR’s patient navigator program, Amy overcame her reservations of having a colonoscopy and her cancer was caught early. Every day, CCCR patient navigators make a difference in the lives of people who do not have health insurance for colon cancer screening!

Amy’s colonoscopy revealed CANCER. However thanks to the CCCR coordinated effort her  story did not end with that diagnosis.  Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the CCCR, her local free clinic, and the cancer treatment center, Amy received treatment and she has a new mission in life, “Paying it forward”.

Her mission is to be an advocate for the health of others through education, and encouragement.  She is a positive, uplifting voice of support, and a strong role model for others who are diagnosed with cancer. She shares her story with others to bring awareness to the importance of cancer screening, hoping she can “Pay it forward” and possibly save someone’s life, as her life was saved. 

Amy is a Cancer Warrior.


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